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Preparing for an Initial Appointment

What to Bring?

We would like to make your appointment as pleasant as possible. To assist us, please
bring the following information with you on the day of your appointment.

  • List of all medications you are currently taking, including dosages and frequency
  • Dates of any prior surgery
  • Family history of eye problems
  • Allergy history
  • Current eyeglasses and contact lens specifications
  • Previous medical records and diagnoses relating to your eye condition
  • Insurance claim forms, coverage information and referral forms
  • If your appointment is for an initial evaluation or retinal problem, it is advisable to bring a companion who can drive you home because eye drops used during the examination may blur your vision. We also advise you to bring sunglasses for comfort following your exam.

What to Expect?

All patients need to register with our Front Desk. Prior to being examined by an
ophthalmologist, you will be seen by an optometrist or ophthalmic technician. You
should expect to spend at least one hour in the office on your first visit.

Patients with special eye problems and those referred for consultation may spend several
hours with us since dilation of pupils and certain diagnostic tests may be required.

After your examination, you will receive a thorough explanation of your eye condition
and, if necessary, treatment recommendations. If you have been referred to our office,
your referring doctor will receive a complete report.

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